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Google Display Network is the largest global network, that reaches 80 percent of Internet users worldwide, serving hundreds of billions of impressions to more than 500 million users each month, in 100 different countries and 20 languages.Whether you are local, regional, or global, the Google Display Network offers the scale you need and services to help you make the most of every penny.

(Source: Google)


Display Network Advertising

The Display Network, also known as the Content Network, is made up of hundreds of thousands of websites that are associated with Google as advertising support, such as news pages, blogs, emails, YouTube. Here at Redglow Solutions, we specialise in getting the most out of the display network to support your PPC advertising. We also provide banner advertising in both animated and .jpg format, to ensure an interactive experience between your business and your target audience.


We are able to actively advertise your business in a variety of formats and sizes with text ads, static and animated image ads, rich media and video ads. We give you the option to select specific websites to place your ad from the Display Network or the option to target the entire Display Network, depending on your marketing goals. Our team of internet marketing experts is always here to help you in both keyword and placement research by advising you on the high traffic keywords, as well as the relevant sites for targeting your ads. Likewise with all other internet marketing services we provide, web analytics would also be integrated for tracking and performance measuring purposes.


Through Remarketing, we are able to deliver your display ads to users who have previously visited specific pages on your website as they visit other sites on the Google – this is an efficient way to re-engage with lost visitors or even up-sell users who have been on your site and made a purchase. Re-marketing allows us to keep your brand fresh in people's minds and is an effifient tool to increase your brand awareness and achieve higher conversion rates.

Our Services:

> Display ads design, placement and management

> Existing campaigns will be carefully examinated by our team of internet marketing experts. We'll check performance of your Google Display Network campaign and tell you how we can make it work better

> Continual testing and improvement of your landing pages and display ad designs

> We provide reports on Placement Analysis, which will indicate the complete list of sites that your ads appear on, as well as analytics of site visitors behavior

If you'd like to find out more about how content-driven search marketing can transform your business, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team at 0161 300 3284.